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Alumni Association Offers
Opportunities to See the World
November 8, 1999

Do you need to get away from Connecticut for a while? How about a trip to a national park in South America, home to armadillos, foxes, pumas, and more than 200 species of birds living among extraordinary glaciers, waterfalls, and 10,000-foot mountain peaks? Or would you rather jet over to Iceland, to explore hot springs, lava fields, and green valleys?

The Alumni Association is seeking participants for its travel program, which includes six different destinations on four continents.

There are two research expeditions open to members of the University community, with Isaac "Morty" Ortega, an assistant professor of natural resources management and engineering.

The first is to Patagonia, Chile, in January. The group is limited to 15 participants and will leave for a 10-12 day camping adventure in Torres del Paine National Park. Those taking part in this expedition must be in good physical shape, since there will be a lot of walking every day, and also must be prepared to enjoy Chilean camp-prepared provisions.

Or you could be part of a scientific study about African wildlife. In March, Ortega will lead a research trip to Swaziland to study the aard wolf, an African mammal similar to the hyena, that primarily preys on insects.

You could spend spring break in Spain, exploring the architectural and artistic heritage of Madrid, and sampling the walled town of Vila, the Roman and medieval monuments of Segovia, and the Moorish heritage of Cordoba, March 18-26.

If a natural, dramatic landscape of glaciers and black sands sparks your curiosity, accompany the William Benton Museum of Art for an unusual vacation to Iceland, March 22-26.

For those who are interested in the romantic Alps, the Alumni Association invites participants in a tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland from July 27 through August 9. The tour will include exploring charming Bavarian villages, Baroque cathedrals, gilded fountains, and spectacular views.

Or you can visit the homelands of the French Impressionist painters of southern France during harvest time in September 2000.

If you'd prefer to travel further afield, from October 28 through November 10 you could witness an elephant round-up, ancient Thai ruins, and visit the Cambodian temples of Angkor that are built in an area the size of Manhattan. The Connecticut Museum of Natural History is journeying to Bangkok, Thailand, where you could savor Thai cuisine, wander on sugar-sand beaches, and spend the day sea canoeing around dramatic limestone formations in a national park.

For more information about opportunities for traveling to exotic locations around the world, contact the Alumni Association at (860) 486-0842 or toll-free at (888) 822-5861.

Marisha Chinsky