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UConn Reaps Dividends
from Energy Efficiency Measures
November 8, 1999

Becoming more energy efficient pays - literally.

Thanks to its participation in an energy efficiency program with the Connecticut Light and Power Company, the University has saved more than two million kilowatt hours of electricity and earned a rebate check from the power company for $246,000.

The savings help pay for energy efficient equipment installed at South Campus, the central chiller plants and the Chemistry Building.

"The University is pleased to be working with CL&P to decrease consumption. In the long term, it will help make the planet greener,"said Larry Schilling, University architect.

On Tuesday, October 26, CL&P representatives met President Philip E. Austin to acknowledge completion of the projects and award the University rebate checks totaling $246,000.

"This project is one of many examples of how CL&P's account executives work with local business, government and industry to find ways our customers can use energy more efficiently, improve processes and lower energy costs," said Richard Tower, regional vice president for CL&P. During 1999, CL&P is expected to spend $30 million on conservation and load management programs.

The University also will receive $500,000 this year from Connecticut Natural Gas, said Schilling, in a similar program that recognizes the installation of energy-efficient equipment at the chiller plants.

Karen A. Grava