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Activities and Achievements
November 1, 1999

Entries Welcome

We invite faculty (including emeriti), staff and graduate students to submit entries for Activities & Achievements. Entries must be typed and e-mail submissions are strongly encouraged: Elizabeth Omara-Otunnu, editor,

Articles & Chapters
Margaret Gilbert, Philosophy, "Social Rules: Some Problems with Hart's Account and a New Appraisal," Law and Philosophy, 18l (1999), pp. 141-71.

Wei Li, Geography and Asian American Studies, "Building Ethnoburbia: The Emergence and Manifestation of the Chinese Ethnoburb in Los Angeles' San Gabriel Valley," Journal of Asian American Studies, 2.1 (199), pp. 1-28; "Los Angeles' Chinese Ethnoburb: From Ethnic Service Center to Global Economy Outpost," Urban Geography, 19.6 (1998), pp. 502-17; and "Ethnoburb versus Chinatown: Two Types of Urban Ethnic Communities in Los Angeles," Cybergeo, 10 (1998), pp. 1-12.

Joseph Rodriguez, Curriculum & Instruction, graduate student, "The Meaning of Work," Hispanic Magazine (October 1999), p. 90.

Awards & Honors
Robin Bogner, Pharmaceutical Sciences, with co-authors Feroz Jameel and Franklin Mauri, received the Fred Simon Award for the best paper in the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology in 1998.

Henry Palmer, Pharmacy, received the School of Pharmacy Alumni Association's Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1999.

Sam Pickering, English, A Little Fling and Other Essays (University of Tennessee Press, 1999), 192 pp.

Bruce Stave, History & Center for Oral History, has been appointed to the editorial board of the Oral History Review after completing his term as editor.

Lynn Bloom, English, presented the keynote address, "What Makes People Great? Autobiographies of Teachers and Others of Achievement -- Part-Time, Full Time, Any Time" at the Two-Year College English Association Northeast, in Amherst, Mass., on October 15.

Kathleen Dechant, Management, presented "Team Learning: A Model for Effectiveness in High Performing Teams," at the annual Symposium on Individual, Team and Organizational Effectiveness in Texas, in May.

Kim Eddleston, Management, graduate student, presented "Expanding the Dominant Model of Career Satisfaction: Effects of Work-family Conflict," co-authored with John Veiga, Luis Martins, and Deb Kidder, all Management, at the Academy of Management annual meeting in Chicago in August.

Steven Floyd, Management, presented "Reconceptualizing the Strategy Process: A Mid-Level Perspective," at Arizona State University, in June. Floyd also presented "The Role of Emergent Initiatives in Strategic Renewal" and "Idea Generation in Strategic Renewal" at the Academy of Management annual meeting in Chicago in August; at the same meeting, he was a session discussant for the Research Methods Division and served as moderator for a pre-conference workshop on Organizational Knowledge.

Margaret Gilbert, Philosophy, presented a paper on "Obligation and Joint Commitment" at the University of Amsterdam, October 12. She was also an invited main speaker at an international expert seminar on "Rationality and Intentions," held in Amsterdam October 15-16. Her paper was titled "Reasoning about Us."

Peter Gogarten, Molecular & Cell Biology, gave an invited lecture at the 13th meeting of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Evolutionary Biology Program on "The Search for Infrequently Ttransferred Genes with Low Substitution Rates: Lessons for Organismal Evolution," in Banff, Canada, Nov. 20-24.

Henry Krisch, Political Science, emeritus, presented "Original Sin or Working Class Unity? Conflicting Interpretations of the Formation of the SED," during a conference on The GDR and its History at the Centre for East German Studies, University of Reading, U.K., on September 18.

John McNulty, Nursing, presented "Seeking Pain Relief: The Post-Operative Inpatient's Perspective" at the Institute for Health Care Education and Capitol Region Alliance for Research and Research Utilization Conference in Hartford, on Oct. 15. At the same conference, he also co-presented "The Effects of Older Patient's Pain Management Knowledge and Pain Communication Skills on their Postoperative Pain Relief."

Gary Powell, Management, presented "The Effects of the Perceived Glass Ceiling on Perceptions of Promotion Fairness," at the British Academy of Management annual conference in Manchester, England, in August. Powell also presented "The Glass Ceiling: Recent Trends and Future Prospects," participated in a panel "Exploring the Intersection of Race and Gender," and chaired two sessions, "Identity Journeys into a Pluralistic World" and "Careers in Transition: A Gliding Path for Women into the New Millennium" at the Academy of Management annual meeting in Chicago in August.

Kira Reed, Management, graduate student, presented "An Option Theory Approach to MNC Mode-of-Entry Decisions" and was a facilitator for Issues for Public and Nonprofit Management at the Academy of Management annual meeting in Chicago in August. At the same meeting, Zeki Simsek, Management, graduate student, presented "The Electronic Survey Technique: An Integration and Assessment" and received the Best Paper Reviewer Award; and Mohan Subramaniam, Management, presented "Balancing Standardization and Adaptation of Global Products: The Influence of Leveraging Knowledge Across Borders" and "Intellectual Capital Profiles: An Examination of Investments and Returns," co-authored with Tim Golden, Management, graduate student.