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Activities and Achievements
October 18, 1999

Entries Welcome

We invite faculty (including emeriti), staff and graduate students to submit entries for Activities & Achievements. Entries must be typed and e-mail submissions are strongly encouraged: Elizabeth Omara-Otunnu, editor,

Articles & Chapters
Lois Possell Hasty and Thomas Kehle, Educational Psychology, "Self-Modeling as an Intervention to Reduce Disruptive Classroom Behavior," Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 6 (1999), pp. 99-105.

Joseph Renzulli, Educational Psychology and Neag Center, "Enrichment Clusters for Gifted Learning," The School Administrator (October 1999), pp. 18-22.

Richard Vengroff, Political Science, Momar Ndiaye, International Affairs, Michael Lubatkin School of Business Administration, and Jack Veiga, School of Business Administration, "Managerial Work and Management Reform in Senegal: The Influence of Hierarchy and Sector," The American Review of Public Administration, 29.3 (Summer 1999), pp. 240-68.

Quing Zhu, Electrical & Systems Engineering, et al., "Imager that Combines Near-Infrared Diffusive Light and Ultrasound," Optics Letters, 24.15 (August 1, 1999), 1050-52. In September, the paper was summarized in the Laser Focus World newsbreaks, under the heading, "Imaging Technique Combines Ultrasound with Near-Infrared Diffusive Light."

Awards & Honors
Sean Colin, Marine Sciences, Ph.D. student, has received a three-year START (Science to Achieve Results) award from the Environmental Protection Agency for his doctoral work on the interaction between marine zooplankton and harmful algae.

Erin Sepe, Agricultural & Resource Economics, undergraduate, and Jo Ann Reynolds, Natural Resources Management & Engineering, graduate student, are the recipients of the 1999-2000 Connecticut Trustees of the Eastern States Exposition Scholarship. The award recognizes outstanding students in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources with a record of scholarship, achievement and public service.

James O'Neil, Family Studies, with Michele Harway (eds.), What Causes Men's Violence Against Women? (Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications, 1999).

Kathleen Dechant, John Veiga, Steven Floyd, Zeki Simsek, graduate student, and Kim Eddleston, graduate student, all Management, presented "The Impact of National Culture on Technology Implementation. A Theoretical Model," at the Eastern Academy of Management International Conference in Prague, June 1999.

Deb Kidder, Management, presented "Is It Who I Am, What I Can Get Away With, or What You've Done to Me: Explaining Detrimental Behaviors at Work," at the International Association of Conflict Management conference in San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain, in June.

Wei Li, Geography and Asian American Studies, invited lecture, "Asian American Communities: From Enclaves to Ethnoburbs," University of California-Los Angeles; invited paper on "Beyond Enclave, Beyond Chinatown: Distinctions Between Downtown and Suburban Chinese Communities in Los Angeles," presented at the Association for Asian American Studies' 16th annual meeting, Philadelphia, Pa.; invited paper on "Spatial Transformation of an Urban ethnic Community: From Chinatown to Chinese Ethnoburb in Los Angeles," presented at the Nystrom Dissertation Award session, annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Honolulu, Hawaii; and "Race and Space: A Geographical Perspective," invited paper presented at the 'Race' and Geography workshop, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.

Edward Monahan, Sea Grant and Marine Sciences, presented an invited seminar "The Use of Satellite-Derived Estimates of Oceanic Whitecap Coverage to Deduce the Rate of Air-Sea Exchange for Gases and Other Materials that Influence the Climate of the Earth," at Boston University on September 24.

Zoe Strickler, Art, former faculty member, and Patricia Neafsey, Nursing, presented "Preventing Drug Interactions in Older Adults: A Collaborative Study," at the Design and the Social Sciences International Working Conference at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, on October 1.

Kam Tang, Marine Sciences, Ph.D. student, gave a talk, "Regulation of bodily DMSP content by the copepod Temora longicornis," at the second international symposium on biological and environmental chemistry of DMS(P) and related compounds, 25-28 Aug., Groningen, The Netherlands.

Other Activities
Salvatore Frasca, Pathobiology, recently passed the certification examination given by the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and is now a Board Certified Diplomate of the College.

Herbert Lederer, German, emeritus, has been appointed as German diction coach for the Connecticut Opera's upcoming production of Mozart's "Magic Flute."