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Engineering School Honors Excellence
October 11, 1999

The following faculty and staff of the School of Engineering were honored during an awards presentation and reception to welcome new faculty September 30.

Distinguished Professor Awards
Theodore L. Bergman, mechanical engineering
Peter B. Luh, electrical & systems engineering, Booth Research Center
Montgomery T. Shaw, chemical engineering

Outstanding Junior Faculty Awards
Joseph J. Helble, chemical engineering
Barth F. Smets, civil & environmental engineering

Outstanding Engineering Teaching Award
John E. Ayers, electrical & systems engineering
Staff Outstanding Service Award
Susan Lipsky, Booth Research Center

Department Awards
C.R. Klewin Inc. Award for Excellence in Teaching:
John T. DeWolf and Nikolaos P. Nikolaidis
Lida Award for Excellence in Graduate Research Direction:
Nikolaos P. Nikolaidis
Mechanical Engineering Outstanding Faculty Award:
Nejat Olgac
Metallurgy & Materials Engineering, Outstanding Department Member:
Leon Shaw
Rogers Corporation Teaching Award:
Can Erkey

New Faculty
Emmanouil Anagnostou, Ph.D., U. of Iowa (1997)
Assistant professor, civil & environmental engineering
Mark Aindow, Ph.D., U. of Liverpool (1989)
Associate professor, metallurgy & materials sciences
Wilson Chiu, Ph.D., Rutgers University (1999)
Assistant professor, mechanical engineering
Mansour Keramat, Ph.D., U. of Paris (1998)
Assistant professor, electrical & systems engineering
Allison Mackay, Ph.D., MIT (1998)
Assistant professor, civil & environmental engineering
Patrick Mather, Ph.D., U. of California, Santa Barbara (1994)
Assistant professor, chemical engineering
Alexander Russell, Ph.D., MIT (1996)
Assistant professor, computer science & engineering