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Changes Planned to
Ease Shuttle Crowds
October 4, 1999

University officials expect to have a plan in place by October 7 that will alleviate overcrowding on the Blue Line Shuttle, says Karla Fox, head of the Parking Advisory Committee and associate vice chancellor for university affairs.

Ridership on the shuttle buses has increased about 70 percent since the last school year and the University is adjusting service to accommodate people's needs. Recently, another bus was added to help ease crowding, bringing the Blue Line fleet to four.

But students say that more changes are needed, particularly since the new bus schedule eliminated a Red Line stop at W-Lot, the largest parking lot on campus.

"The University is committed to providing excellent transportation services for its students, faculty and staff," Fox says. "The Master Plan is based on moving to a pedestrian campus with regular, predictable, efficient shuttle service."

Fox, who met Friday with the Undergraduate Student Government, says she is pleased with the change in culture that is already evident. "Students are using the bus service more and more and we plan to make it as comfortable and efficient as possible."

Sherry Fisher