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Research Advisory Council announces
recipients of Large Grant awards
July 19, 1999

Vice Provost Robert Smith and the Research Advisory Council have announced the spring 1999 Large Grant awards. The goal of these awards is to help faculty position themselves to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For this competition, the Council received 89 proposals, totaling $1,251,627. The Council made 47 awards totaling $433,655.

The deadline for the next competition is Wednesday, October 6.

Life Sciences
Sylvain De Guise, Pathobiology (New Faculty), Comparative Immunotoxicit y of Simple Mixtures of Organochlorines in Mice and Marine Mammals, $12,980.

Richard French, Pathobiology, Seroprevalence Survey of Brucella in Seals Stranded off the Coast of Southern New England, and Evaluation of Associated Pathology, $6,635.

Bruce GoldmaN, Physiology & Neurobiology, Circadian Rhythms in Naked Mole-Rats: Caste System and Social Entrainment, $6,000.

Juliet Lee, Molecular & Cell Biology (New Faculty), The Effects of Altering the Adhesion Receptor-Cytoskeletal Linkage Strength of the Relation of Cell Movement, $18,626.

Philip Marcus & Margaret Sekellick, Molecular & Cell Biology, Response of the Interferon System to Specifically Ordered Genetic Rearrangants of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus, $7,505.

Akiko Nishiyama, Physiology & Neurobiology (New Faculty), A Transgenic Approach to Study Differentiation of Glial Progenitor Cells, $17,000.

Linda Pescatello, Allied Health (New Faculty), Is the Acute Blood Pressure Lowering Effect of Aerobic Exercise Influenced by Ethnicity Among Premenopausal Women with Mild Hypertension? $15,612.

J. Larry Renfro, Physiology & Neurobiology, Choline Transport by Choroid Plexus Following Mild Heat-Stress, $13,570.

Margaret Rubega, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, How Many Feeding Mechanisms Will Fit on the Head of a Needle-Like Beak? A Phylogenetic Analysis of Diversity in the Feeding Structures and Mechanisms of the Sandpipers, $18,589.

Carl Schlichting & Cynthia Jones, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, The Evolution of Phenotypic Variation: A Multilevel Investigation of the Pattern and Process of Leaf Shape Diversification in Pelargonium, $5,270.

Annelie Skoog, Marine Science (New Faculty), Is Sedimentary Derived Organic Matter a Factor in Bottom Water Hypoxia? $17,849.

Linda Strausbaugh, Molecular & Cell Biology, Creation of a Reported Tandem Array for Analysis of the Mechanisms of Concerted Evolution, $5,170.

Stephen Trumbo, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, A Monographic Revision of the Subfamily Nicrophorinae, $5,035.

Thomas Wood, Chemical Engineering, Rhizoremediation of Atrazine by Combining Engineered, Root-Colonizing Bacteria with Poplar Trees (Contingent Award), $6,147.

Ping Zhang, Molecular & Cell Biology, Trans-Activation of the Y Chromosome in Spermatogenesis (Contingent Award), $14,420.

Social Sciences
James Boster, Anthropology, Reproduction, Kinship, and Coalitional Violence: A Pilot Study, $12,942.

Preston Britner, Family Studies, The Effects of Child-Parent Attachment, Parental Caregiving, and Parental Warmth on the Development of Shy Behavior in Infants and Toddlers: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, $10,717.

Deborah Fein, Psychology, The Autism Screening Project, $16,790.

Carol Fowler, (Sabbatical), Psychology, Perception of Native-Language Aspects of Prosody in Autistic Children, $3,524.

Robin Harwood, Family Studies (New Faculty), Parenting Beliefs and Practices Among Middle-Class Puerto Rican and Anglo Mother-Infant Pairs, $10,472.

Kristin Kelly, Political Science (New Faculty), When the Personal Becomes Political: Renegotiating the Boundaries of Public and Private in the Treatment and Prevention of Domestic Violence, $5,169.

Howard Lasnik, Linguistics, Displacement Operations in Transformational Grammar: A Minimalist Perspective, $4,000.

Whitney Tabor, Psychology (New Faculty), Dynamical Models of Generalization in Natural Language, $15,562.

Lanse Minkler, Economics, Do Workers Lie? Implications for the Theory of the Firm, $7,150.

Sadhana Puntambekar, Educational Psychology (New Faculty), Designing Hypertext Systems with Dynamic Concept Maps, $11,492.

Lyle Scruggs, Political Science (New Faculty), Pollution Performance and Economic Organization: A Comparative Study of the Impact of New-Corporatist Institutions on National Environmental Pollution Performance in Advanced Industrial Democracies, $15,393.

Physical Sciences
Mark Aindow, Metallurgy (New Faculty), A Study of Defects in Lamellar Interfaces in TiA1-based Alloys, $19,347.

Joseph Budnick, (Sabbatical), Physics, Studies of Local Electronic Magnetism at Third Generation Light Sources, $2,120.

Eric Donkor, Electrical & Systems Engineering, Low-Power All-Optical Switching in a CdSSE-doped Fiber, $8,356.

Gerald Dunne, (Sabbatical), Physics, Nonperturbative Studies in Low Dimensional Quantum Field Theory, $2,500.

Yukap Hahn, Physics, Laser-Induced Breakdown of Optical Materials, $5,769.

Lawrence Kappers, Physics, Investigation of Electron Traps and Emission Efficiencies in LSO Scintillators, $4,900.

Ramesh Malla & Norman Garrick, Civil & Environmental Engineering, An Innovative Fiber Optic Weigh-in-Motion System, $10,652.

Robert McCartney, Computer Science & Engineering, Scalable Communicatio ns for Multiple Robots, $11,904.

Nitin Padture, Metallurgy, Fabrication of an Apparatus for the Processing of Novel, Functionally-Graded Ceramics with Contact-Damage Resistance, $13,635.

Alexander Shvartsman, Computer Science & Engineering, Distributed Component-Oriented Application Framework, $11,267.

Bi Zhang, Mechanical Engineering, Optimization of Screw-Vibration Assisted Tapping for High Efficiency, $17,347.

Humanities/Fine Arts
Pamela Brown, English (New Faculty), Gender, Jest, and Shakespearean Drama, $2,725.

Cornelia Dayton, History, Profiling the "Mad" and Incapacitated in Essex County, Massachusetts, 1620-1830, $9,902.

Kenneth Gouwens, History (New Faculty), Toward a Biography of Giulio de Medici (Pope Clement VII, r. 1523-1534): Rare Materials in the Newberry Library, $2,725.

Donna Hollenberg, English, Denise Levertov: Poet in the World, $2,000.

Jean Marsden, English, A Modern Edition of Nicholas Rowe's The Fair Penitent, $1,140.

Kathryn Myers, (Sabbatical), Art & Art History, Produce Work at Two International Residencies in India and Paris for Exhibition in New York in Fall 1999, $1,238.

Timothy Saternow, Dramatic Arts, To Design and Curate the Prague Quadrennial 1999, United States Schools of Scenography Exhibit in Prague, The Czech Republic, $2,898.

Nancy Shoemaker, History (New Faculty), A Social History of Cherokee Justice, $14,167.

Karen Spalding, History, Summer Research in the Archives of Lima, Peru and in the Museo Mitre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, $2,220.

Roger Travis, Modern & Classical Languages (New Faculty), Jocasta the Queen: Maternal Character and the Tragic Chorus, $2,725.