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Events set for Latino History Month
(March 30, 1999)

Opening ceremonies for Latino History Month will be held April 1 in the Student Union Ballroom, launching a month of events in April focusing on Latino history. Activities will include a conference and two symposia, a pageant, an art exhibit and, on April 10, Latin Fest.

March 23 through April 5 - Benton Museum. Past & Present: Santos from Puerto Rico. A traditional and contemporary display of part of the artistic, mythical and religious iconography of Puerto Ricans. William Benton Museum of Art.

April 1 - Latin American Symposium. Sources of Unity and Disunity Among Latinos: Class, Race, Nationality, Immigration. Will feature Carol Velez-Ibañez, University of California, Riverside, Leticia Garza Falcón, Southwest Texas University, and Juan Flores, Hunter College-City University of New York. 4 p.m., Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.

April 1 - Opening Ceremonies f or Latin History Month. There will be a dinner and entertainment. 6 p.m., Student Union Ballroom.

April 5 - Lecture. Brazilian Economy: Stabilization Plans and Financial Crisis, by Luiz Marfil. Noon, Room 386, Student Union.

April 6 - Multicultural Potluck Dinner. 5 p.m., Student Union Ballroom.

April 7 - Lecture. Building Relationships with the United Nations, by Jacinto F. De Vera, United Nations. 3:30 p.m., Room 113A, South Campus.

April 8 - Lecture. Transmigration between Pueblo, Mexico, and New York City, by Leigh Binford. 12:30 p.m., Manchester Hall Lounge.

April 10 - LatinFest '99. Salsa, merengue, open dance floor. Candlelit cabaret. 8 p.m., Jorgensen Auditorium.

April 12 - Lecture. School of the Americas: A U.S. Promotion of Oppression, by Fr. Roy Bourgeois, School of America Watch. 7 p.m., St. Thomas Aquinas Center.

April 16 - Latin American Conference. Latinos in the Northeast: Poverty and Health. Will feature Gregory Acevedo, Bruce Kennedy, Harvard University, Anna Lanza, Columbia University, Nicolas Cabulleiro, Latino Health Institute, Anir Gonzalas, Hispanic Health Council, and Angelo Falcón, Institute for Puerto Rican Policy. 1-6 p.m.,, Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.

April 17 - PRLACC Open house. The center will be open all day.

April 17 - Latino Pageant. Will feature Martin Cabas and other freestyle and hip-hop performers. 8 p.m., Student Union Ballroom.

April 19 - Lecture. Macroeconomic Equillibrium and the Central Bank: The Colombian Case, by Salomón , Banco de la Repúblicaa. 2 p.m., Conference Room 162, Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.

April 22 - Puerto Rican Symposium. Puerto Rican Culture at the Century's End: Links between the Past, Present, and Future. Will feature Luis R. Cancel, President, Esperanto Internet Services, and Jose Ramón de la Torre, Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. 4 p.m., William Benton Museum of Art.