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Activities and Achievements/Newmakers
March 8, 1999

Entries Welcome

We invite faculty (including emeriti), staff and graduate students to submit entries for Activities and Accomplishments. Entries must be typed and e-mail submissions ( are strongly encouraged.

Elizabeth Omara-Otunnu, editor, compiles this section and questions may be directed to her at (860) 486-3530.

Entries typed in Advance style are welcome and will be published as space permits, in the order in which they are received.

Larry Armstrong, Sports, Leisure and Exercise Sciences, was quoted in an article on Gatorade, in Fortune, New York, on November 23. He was also quoted in an article on the need to drink plenty of fluids after exercise in the November issue of Cooking Light, Birmingham, Ala.

Research on iguanas as castaways, conducted by Ellen Censky, Connecticut State Museum of Natural History at UCONN, was featured in The New York Times and reprinted in the Tampa Tribune, the Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and State, Columbia, S.C., on October 8, the Cincinnati Enquirer on October 9, Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tenn., on October 11. The study also was featured in Science News, Washington, D.C., on October 24.

Surveys conducted by the Center for Survey Research & Analysis were mentioned in the Daily Breeze, Torrance, Calif., on October 17.

The new Chemistry Building was featured in an article titled "For the Next Millennium" in the September issue of Engineering Systems, Troy, Mich.

Kenneth Dautrich, Political Science and Center for Survey Research & Analysis, was quoted in an article on the likely outcome of the 1998 elections, in the Los Angeles Times, on October 26.

Patsy Evans, Plant Science, was quoted in an article on ladybugs in the Daily Herald, Arlington Heights, Ill., on October 18.

Michael Gerald, Pharmacy, was quoted in an article titled "Pharmacy Schools see stake in R.Ph. Credentialing," in Drug Topics on August 17.

Bahram Javidi, Electrical & Systems Engineering, was quoted in an article on wiring computers to the brain in the New Haven Register on October 22.

A study by Irving Kirsch, Psychology, suggesting that placebos work as well as genuine drugs, was mentioned in the International Herald Tribune, on October 14.

Len Krimerman, Philosophy, wrote an article "Worker Ownership's Uncertain Future," that was published in the September-October issue of Dollars and Sense, Somerville, Mass.

An opinion piece by Everett Carll Ladd, Political Science and Institute for Social Inquiry, titled "Why Clinton's Scandals Helped His Party," was published in The Wall Street Journal, on November 5.

Wally Lamb, English, was featured in an article titled "The Novelist Who Came in Like a Lion" in the Los Angeles Times, October 2.

William McEachern, Economics, was quoted in an article about the Connecticut economy in 1997 in the December issue of Plants, Sites & Parks, Coral Springs, Fla.

Kathleen Moore, Political Science, was quoted in an article on Sufism in the Philadelphia Inquirer on September 6.

Sam Pickering, English, was quoted in an article on the new Oxford English Dictionary's end to a ban on split infinitives, in Newsday and in the Omaha World-Herald, Omaha, Ne., on October 27.

Joseph Renzulli, Educational Psychology and Neag Center, was quoted in an article on gifted education in the October issue of The American School Board Journal, Alexandria, Va. He also was quoted in an article on homework in the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio, on September 25.

Salvatore Scalora's appointment as new director of the William Benton Museum of Art was mentioned in the December issue of Art of America, New York.

A manual by Gim-Seong Seow, Accounting, titled "Summary of Derivatives Types," was mentioned in Business Finance, Loveland, Colo., in December.

The new South Campus Dining Center was featured in the November issue of Foodservice Director, New York.

The Stamford Campus was featured in the October issue of the Architectural Record, New York.

Steven L. Suib, Chemistry, was mentioned in the Buffalo News on October 18 for having received an Outstanding Achievement Award from Fredonia State College.

Mark E. Sullivan, Labor Education Center, was featured in an article titled "The When and How of Using Mediation" in The New York Times (Connecticut edition) on November 29.

Manish Taneja, Animal Science, was mentioned in an article on artificial cow birth in India Abroad on October 9.

Nechama Tec, Sociology, was quoted in an article titled "Holocaust's Hidden Children" in the Times Union, Albany, N.Y., on October 5.