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Letter to the University community
March 8, 1999

The Metanoia Planning Committee on Campus Community has scheduled a period of reflection, now known as Husky Renaissance, during the month of April. We invite all members of the University Community to participate in the spirit of metanoia through self reflection, public discussion groups and public events.

Many of us remember that only 10 or 12 years ago, UConn was still viewed as a "suitcase" college with no weekend meal plan. While we recognize that the university has come a long way we need to work harder to build a positive and mutually supportive social fabric from which all of us can benefit.

We believe that we all need to accept the responsibility for "who we are." The University of Connecticut can only be as great a university as it can be if all of us believe that the campus community is something that requires more than just the commitment we make to our individual disciplines.

The call for Husky Renaissance comes out of the context of Metanoia at the University of Connecticut, when at different times during our history the campus community has deliberately paused from its regular pace to reflect on issues ranging from racism to the Vietnam War. In part because of the disturbances during last year's University Weekend, the Chancellor's Task Force on Community and Civility was established to "enhance community at the University and to find ways to encourage faculty, students, and administrators to contribute to an active learning community." The Metanoia Planning Committee, and Husky Renaissance, was established as an early recommendation of the Task Force.

There will be a wide range of activities including public speakers, university-wide cosponsored events, and a comprehensive effort to include all members of the university community to become involved in discussions about the nature of our community here at the University of Connecticut and what we could all do to invigorate and develop a greater collective sense of community, mutual respect, and a more generous campus-wide spirit.

What we are asking is the following:

  1. That all faculty allocate time during their classes between April 5-16, and facilitate a discussion on campus issues that will follow a template to be sent out later this month.

  2. That all staff and student groups contacted, take the time to have similar discussions. All discussion groups will send feedback to the committee to be developed into recommendations for the university administration to help inform campus-wide policy.

  3. That all campus groups submit advance information about events they wish to sponsor or cosponsor with the committee as soon as possible. In some cases, some funding may be available for cosponsored events. Program and student organizations interested should contact Janice Gudinkas at

Metanoia Planning Committee:

Derek Allinson
Patti Bostic
Nirvana Beale
Mark Berliner
Melissa Canaperi
Liz Conklin
David Dellaquila
Jose Gaztambide
the Rev. Richard Gross
Elizabeth Helgason
Nick Mocciolo
Ken Neubeck
Elizabeth Omara-Otunnu
Matt Romano
Debbie Rubinstein
Suman Singha
Johanna Spadory
Tom Terry
Michael Trueworthy
Janice Wilbur
Cara Workman
Gary English, Co-Chair
Michael Kurland, Co-Chair
Amy Woodward, Co-Chair