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The Monteith portrait was "rediscovered" during research for the accompanying article. That it hung in the old Dining Hall -- also known as the Beanery -- for many years, is shown through a number of Nutmeg Yearbooks. When it was removed from display is not known. The portrait is part of the University's art collection and it is stored at the William Benton Museum of Art-- the building that was once the Dining Hall -- and in which Monteith died in 1922. The Advance thanks George Mazeika, museum registrar and Linda Smith of the museum staff for locating this piece of UConn history. MJR

Monteith closeup
Monteith closeup
Detail from the portrait of Henry R. Monteith, painted by Hartford artist Harold Green, 1922.
All photos are by David Ruddy
Back of canvas
Closeup of the portrait title plate, with frame detail.

Handwritten legend on the back of the Monteith canvas. It reads:

Portrait of HENRY RUTHVEN MONTEITH - (Born 1848)
Professor of History and English - Connecticut
Agricultural College - 1900 - 1922.

This portrait painted in the studio of
Robert B. Brandagee at Farmington, Conn.,
would have been done by him. But his eye
preventing, it was entirely painted from
life by his erstwhile pupil, Harold A. Green
and was enthusiastically approved by
professor Monteith.