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Activities and Achievements - Newsmakers
November 9, 1998

Newsmakers is a round-up of faculty and staff in the media.

The William Benton Museum of Art was featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education on October 30 for its exhibits celebrating "The Day of the Dead."

Jude Boucher, Cooperative Extension System, was quoted in the American Vegetable Grower in July about the EPA's discussion about possibly banning a number of pesticides.

John Brittain, School of Law, was interviewed by Kaitlin Kim of WAMC Radio in Albany, for a story about the Sheff vs. O'Neil case which aired during the local spot during All Things Considered.

Ross Buck, Psychology, was quoted in the Record on July 14 on how violence in sports and film offer viewers an emotional release.

The Connecticut Repertory Theatre was featured in an article in The New York Times on Oct. 11 about its production of A Girl's Life. The CRT's production of A Sense of Place was featured in a cover story on Playbill On-Line on October 29.

The Critical Technologies Conference was mentioned in the July 1 Hartford Courant and on Fox 61 News on June 30.

Ken Dautrich, Political Science and Center for Survey Research and Analysis, was interviewed by Voice of America on August 20 about Ken Starr's investigation into the president and the impact it might have on the November elections.

Walter Dolde, Finance, was interviewed on The Bruce Stevens and Colin McEnroe show on WTIC about the stock market fall on August 28 and about the stock market on September 10.

Don Ferree, CT Poll, was interviewed by WTIC Radio on October 2 about the Linda Tripp tapes.

William Fitzgerald, Marine Sciences, was quoted in the April 1 issue of Environmental Science and Technology on where mercury deposits in the environment originate.

Philip Gould and William Stwalley, Physics, were featured in an article in the April 10 issue of Science about their research on trap lasers.

Research by Sam Huang, Chemistry and Institute of Materials Science, on an artificial tendon was featured on on April 13.

The promise of a $2 million bequest from Fred Hollfelder to the Health Center for cancer services was mentioned in the Chronicle of Higher Education on July 10.

Henry Krisch, Political Science, was interviewed on CNN-International on September 27, regarding the German elections.

Everett Ladd, Political Science and Roper Center, wrote an op-ed about the effects of low voter turnout and its effects on President Clinton's impeachement hearings which appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education on October 30.

Jeffrey Lefebvre, Political Science and Middle East Languages and Area Studies Program, was interviewed by WTIC on October 23 about the Middle East peace agreement.

Research by Carl Maresh and Larry Armstrong of Sport, Leisure and Exercise Sciences,was featured in the August issue of Bicycling.

Yi Li, Plant Science, was featured on Channel 3 News on October 20; Channel 8 News on October 25; WFCR on October 26; Channel 30 News on October 28; and on on October 29.

Charles Logan, Sociology, was interviewed on Dateline NBC on September 20 and quoted in the June 22 issue the Daily News-Sun of Sun City, Ariz., about the CCA-Youngstown prison troubles.

Philip Mannheim, Physics, was featured in an article in the Boston Globe on April 6 about his theory on modifying the theory of relativity so that it answers some of the questions scientists have about gravity.

Kevin McBride, Anthropology, was quoted in an article on July 28 in Newsday about his involvement in an archaeological excavation in Ledyard with the Mashantucket Pequots.

Ralph McNeal, Jr., Sociology, was featured in an article in Education Week on February 25 about his research on extracurricular activities and how whether they reinforce racial or economic divisions in high school.

Liliana Minaya-Rowe, Curriculum and Instruction, was quoted in a Newsday story on July 11 about bilingual education.

Kathleen Moore, Political Science, was quoted in a story about Sufi Islam in the Philadelphia Inquirer on September 6.

The Museum of Natural History was featured in the Connecticut Post on July 21 and the Day (New London) on July 17, for returning hundreds of artifacts to the Mohegan Indians.

An opinion piece by Gary Powell, Management, on how the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal would be handled in a corporation ran in the September 30 Hartford Courant.

Sandra Rigazio-DiGilio, Family Studies, was quoted in an article in the Orlando Sentinel on April 30 about levels of verbal communication in a marriage between men and women.

Nancy Rodriguez, Nutritional Sciences, was quoted in the October issue of Good Houskeeping magazine in an article on weight management in children.

Research by Steve Ross, Economics, suggesting that African Americans are less likely to take jobs that require them to relocate to the suburbs, was featured in the August 23 Washington Post. His research also was featured on Evening Update on KCSN public radio in Northridge, Calif.

An op-ed by Richard Schwab, Education, suggesting that school reform starts at home, ran in the October 5 Hartford Courant.

Leon Shaw, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, was mentioned in an article in the February issue of Chemical Engineering about a process being developed at the University that could cut the time and energy needed to make fine silicon carbide powder for sintered components to a fraction of what is now used.

Susan Spiggle, Marketing, was quoted in a story by the San Diego Union-Tribune about the power of suggestion in the retail trade on September 20.

Mark Sullivan, Labor Education Center, was quoted in a story in The Hartford Courant about struggles between union members and Pratt and Whitney on September 17.

Nechama Tec, Sociology, was mentioned in an article in the St. Petersburg Times of Florida on June 21 for a speech she gave about her family's survival in the Holocaust at the Tampa Bay Holocaust Memorial Museum and Education Center. She also wrote a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal: Europe on June 23 about the similarity of Jewish men and women in the Holocaust.

Anna Liamzon, a senior at Westhill High School who participated in the UConn Mentor Connection wrote an op-ed on affirmative action which ran in the August 18 Hartford Courant. Elvita Dominique, also a senior at Westhill High School and a participant in the UConn Mentor Connection, wrote an op-ed on youth violence which appeared in the Stamford Advocate on September 2.

Jerry Yang, Animal Sciences, was featured on National Public Radio news on his breakthrough research producing offspring from pre-pubertal heifers on August 18. He was also interviewed on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation on September 26 and the Australian Broadcast Corporation onFoundation in Washington, D.C., in June.