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Parents can sample classes
during Family Weekend
September 14, 1998

Parents of UConn students, their relatives and children next weekend will have an opportunity to see for themselves what their sons and daughters have experienced since the new academic year began, as seven professors offer Family Weekend 1998 visitors special classes in their fields.

From appreciating culture within and between families, to microbiology, geology, history and art, the Academic Showcases offer something for almost everyone. And there's plenty more during the annual two-day event that gives parents a glimpsechance of what their sons and daughters have been doing since they brought them to campus just a few weeks ago.

"We hope to use this weekend to embrace our extended family - our students' parents and siblings, aunts and uncles - to build relationships and to say thank you," says Vicky Triponey, vice chancellor for student affairs. "Thank you for your support, thank you for sharing your children with us."

In addition to the class offerings, seven schools and a number of other departments and centers are hosting open houses September 19, and Chancellor Mark Emmert is hosting a reception for UConn families at noon Saturday in the Student Union Ballroom.

And more than 150 parents who expressed an interest in forming a UConn Parents' Association will be feted during a special breakfast September 19, where they and UConn officials will discuss the parameters of such a group, and where to take it.

"It's incredibly important for parents to be involved in their children's educational experience," said Susan Steele, UConn's vice provost for undergraduate education and instruction. "And this program is a way for them to see the nuts and bolts of our community, academically and socially. Their involvement can help us focus on what's really important to the student, family and community."

Other events include the annual Family Weekend Street Fair and Hot Dog Roast on Stadium Road; the UConn-Maine football game and UConn-Penn State field hockey game, each of which begin at 1 p.m.; the 52nd annual Horticulture Show at Ratcliffe Hicks Arena, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. September 19, and from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. September 20; several cultural receptions, exhibits and music, and invitations to join their children at brunch and/or dinner, with $1 off any meal they eat in their child's residence hall cafeteria.

M. Kevin Fahey, chair of the Family Weekend Committee and coordinator of the event, says early registrations for the weekend are ahead of last year by several hundred, with nearly 2,000 families expected on campus during the event.

All scheduled events have been planned to conclude prior to the start of Rosh Hashanah.

Richard Veilleux

This year's Academic Showcases are:
Microbiology: Discovering the Three Domains of Life
Thomas Terry, associate professor of molecular and cell biology
Non-Prescription Medicines: Do They Work?
Henry Palmer, clinical professor and associate dean of pharmacy
Appreciating Culture Within and Between Families
Sandra Rigazio-Digilio, associate professor of family studies
The Effects of Mass Media on Individuals and Society
Diana Rios, assistant professor of communication sciences and associate director, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Institute
Computer Technology in Geographical Systems
Dean Hanink, professor of geography
Studying the Past to Prepare for the Future
Jennifer Baszile, assistant professor of history