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Research Advisory Council
announces grant recipients
June 22, 1998

Life Sciences
Ben Bahr (New Faculty), Pharmacy, "Structural and Regulatory Properties of AMPA-Type Glutamate Receptors," $16,670.

Diane Burgess, Pharmacy, "Modified Hyalluronic Acid Microspheres for Controlled Release of Ampicillin," $12,670.

Zoe Cardon (New Faculty), Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, "Does Plant Phenology Influence Microbial Activity in the Rhizosphere? A Test Using Northern Red Oak and Yellow Birch," $17,610.

William Chapple, Physiology & Neurobiology, "Pharmacology and Morphology of Postural Motoneurons," $5,000.

Richard Crain, Molecular & Cell Biology, "Isolation and Characterizatio n of a Calcium Influx Factor from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii," $13,560.

J. Peter Gogarten, Molecular & Cell Biology, "Characterization of a Small Gene Family Encoding Subunit B of the V-ATPase in Arabidopsis thaliana," $12,560.

Albert Kausch (New Faculty), Plant Science, "Exploration of the Pantropic Pseudotyped Retrovirus as a Novel Gene Transfer System for Plants," $12,670.

Nam-Gyoon Kim, Psychology, "Perception of Heading during Eye Movements," $13,050.

David Knecht, Molecular & Cell Biology, "Chemotactic Motility of Macrophages" (New Direction), $9,950.

Yi Li (New Faculty), Plant Science, "Characterization of Mutants of Arabisopsis with Altered Expression of the Auxin-regulated GH3 Gene," $10,560.

Andrew Moiseff, Physiology & Neurobiology, "Togetherness in the Night: The How and Why of Synchronous Flashing by Fireflies (Photinus carolinus)," $5,000.

Kevin Sweeney, Pharmacy, "Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Considerations in Dosing Neonates with Theophylline for the Management of Apnea," $11,390.

Carolyn Teschke, Molecular & Cell Biology, "The Folding of Sec A in Vitro," $13,670.

Sandra Vigil-Cruz (New Faculty), "RANTES Analogues as Probes of the CCR-5 Receptor: A Potential New Therapeutic Target for HIV-1," $11,270.

J. Evan Ward (New Faculty), Marine Sciences, Avery Point Campus, "Foot Aversion and Warning Odors in the Marine Environment: Studies with a Fish Predator and Nudibranch Prey," $14,190.

Physical Sciences & Engineering
Matthew Begley (New Faculty), Mechanical Engineering, "Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Slip During Fretting of Vibrating Structures," $21,150.

Michael Cutlip, Chemical Engineering, "High Temperature Composite Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications"(Interim Funding), $8,500.

Niloy Dutta, Physics, "Novel Mechanisms for Optical Clock Recovery and Optical Demultiplexing," $6,450.

Trevor Howes, Grinding Research Center, "Wheel Wear and Thermal Limitations in Creep Feed Grinding of Vertical Faces and Other Profiles," $10,560.

Quentin Kessel, Physics, "Ion Beam Activation and the Delayed Emission of Energetic Charged Particles from Grafoil" (New Direction), $11,550.

Lanbo Liu, Geology & Geophysics, "Extended Electromagnetic Wave Attenuation Tomography," $10,860.

Kevin Murphy (New Faculty), Mechanical Engineering, "Determining Optimal Vibration Mode Shapes for Structural Systems: Analysis and Experiments," $21,340.

Ranga Pitchumani, Mechanical Engineering, "Pilot Investigations on a Novel Technique for Synthesis of Biomimetic, Multiscale Reinforced Fibrous Composites," $13,670.

Cristian Schulthess, Plant Science, "The Application of Raman Spectroscopy to the Study of Aluminum Oxide-Water Interface and Adsorbed Oxyanions," $3,010.

Winthrop Smith, Physics, "Pilot Studies of Ion-Neutral Reactions in a Paul-Type Ion Trap," $11,060.

Chong Sook P. Sung, Polymer Science, "In-situ Polymer Surface Characteristics by Fiber Optic Methods" (New Direction), $10,560.

Social Sciences
Preston Britner (New Faculty), Family Studies, "Preschool Child-Parent Patterns of Control and Attachment-Caregiving Interactions," $2,770.

Ross Buck, Communication Sciences, "Affective and Rational Determinants of the Effectiveness of Televised Safe-Sex Messages," $5,010.

Carl Coelho (New Faculty), Communication Sciences, "Discourse Deficits in Closed-Head-Injured and Normal Adults," $8,570.

Pamela Erickson, Anthropology, "The Social and Cultural Context of Latina Adolescent Childbearing in East Los Angeles," $13,400.

Jose Gaztambide and Diana Rios (New Faculty), Communication Sciences and Institute for Puerto Rican & Latino Studies, "Communicatio n, Acculturation, and Politics Among Latinos in Connecticut," $12,500.

Cameron Lynne Macdonald (New Faculty), Sociology, "The Immigrant Childcare Worker Project," $4,430.

Steven Mellor, Psychology, "The Influence of Vicarious Experience and Verbal Persuasion on Women's and Men's Efficacy Beliefs About Participants in Local Union Activities," $5,020.

Olivier Morand (New Faculty), Economics, "Human Capital Transfers, Intergenerational Mobility, and Income Inequality," $3,770.

Karen Westberg, Educational Psychology, "Case Studies of Young Creative Producers: Fifteen Years Later" (Sabbatical), $6,960.

David Yalof (New Faculty), Political Science, "Different Tasks, Different Understandings: The Role that Legislative Bodies Play in Constitutional Dialogue and Debates over the Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Self-Incrimination," $9,030.

Humanities and Fine Arts
Robert Asher, History, "Attitudes of U.S. and British Union Leaders Towards the Welfare State, 1890-1914" (Sabbatical), $1,200.

Laura Crow, Dramatic Arts, "The Preservation and Digital Recording of the Beatrice Fox Auerbach Historical Clothing and Textile Collection to Form a WEB Site and Photo Archive," $3,000.

Cora Lynn Deibler (New Faculty), Art, "The Art of Livestock Breeds: A Visual Interpretation of Living History and Preservation," $5,770.

Margaret Higonnet, English, "Out of Bounds: A Comparative Study of Children's Literature" (Sabbatical), $1,500.

Benjamin Liu (New Faculty), Modern & Classical Languages, "Poetry of Laughter in Medieval Spain," $ 2,770.

Franco Masciandaro, Modern & Classical Languages, "Living Knowledge: Phenomenological Readings from Dante to Machiavelli" (Publication Subsidy), $4,600.

Osvaldo Pardo (New Faculty), Modern & Classical Languages, "Ritual and Communication in Sixteenth-Century Mexico," $4,430.

Laurietz Seda (New Faculty), Modern & Classical Languages, "Essays on Popular Culture, Globalization amd National Identity in Latin American Theater," $2,770.

Glenn Stanley, Music, "Performance Practice and Symbolic Content: Arnold Schering's Bach Reception," $1,600.

Gina Werfel (New Faculty), Art, "Exhibition of Recent Landscape Paintings," $2,600.