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Undergraduates pushing frontiers
of knowledge through research
April 20, 1998

Participating in original research provides an educational experience that fosters independent initiative and creativity. On April 17-18, 47 students from a broad range of disciplines presented the results of their research in the University's first poster session, Frontiers in Undergraduate Research, a forum for students to display their work in a professional setting and receive the recognition they deserve.

Michelle Angiolillo, History Education (advs.: I. Brown, R. Brown) Family Violence and Community. Justice in Early America: Coverage of Sensationalistic Crimes in the Press

Adam Beardsworth, Psychology (adv.: Henning) Computer-Based System Model to Promote Human-Factored Hazard Management

Michael Berger, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (adv.: Whitlatch) Predator-Prey Relations Between the Green Crab, Carcinus maenas and Three Small Gastropods, Mitrella lunata, Anachis lafresnayi, and Anachis avara

Leslie Bernstein, Dietetics (adv.: Duffy) A Genetic Link to Food Preference?

Joel Brown, Psychology (adv.: Markus) Fear Conditioning: The Relative Importance of Local and Distal Spatial Contextual Environment

Margaret Callahan, Molecular & Cell Biology (adv.: Krider) Detecting DNA Damage Using the SCG Assay

Milissa Buccheri, Marsha Harrison, Jennifer Meyer, Jessica Narcisco, and Beth Garofalo, Psychology (adv.: Shockley)

The Effect of White Noise as an Environmental Factor in a Studying Environment on Memorization

Sarah Chang, Biological Sciences (adv.: Nisenbaum) Developmental Analysis of the Corticostriatal Pathway in Mouse Brain Using a Novel Tract Tracing Approach

Umer Chaudhry, Chemistry and Molecular Cell Biology (adv.: McGrath) Synthesis of the Diol Ligand trans-4, 5-Bis (2-hydroxyphenyl 1)-2, 2-dimethyl-1, 3-dioxolane Using Asymmetric Dihydroxyaltion

Wendy Cheng, Molecular & Cell Biology (adv.: Kumar) Reactivity of Fe(Iv) Oxo Myoglobin with DNA and its Components

Abraham Cho, Molecular & Cell Biology (advs.: Bocarsly, Kumar) The Site-Specific Cleavage of Proteins by Artificial Proteases

Joanna Chojnacki, Pharmacy (adv.: Witczak) New Synthetic Approach to C-Disaccharides from Levoglucosenone

Sheryl Chow, Pharmacy (adv.: Witczak) New Approaches in Anticancer Research by Functionalization of Levoglucosenone

Jodie Correia, Molecular & Cell Biology (advs.: Vinopal, Vieth) Ultraviolet Light and Biocide Synergy

Rebecca Crowell, Nutritional Sciences (adv.: Ferris) Lead Toxicity, Iron-Deficiency Anemia and Cognitive Deficits in Young Children: Toward a Viable Model for Clinical Intervention and Prevention Strategies

Karla D'Agostino, Pathobiology (adv.: French) Efficacy of Fenbendazole Against Nematode Parasites of Partridge, Pheasant and Quail: Combined Field and Dose Confirmation Studies

John Da Silva, Molecular & Cell Biology (advs.: Strausbaugh, Schienman) Analysis of Drosophila virilis Histone Gene Clusters

Susan Di Chello, Dietetics (adv.: Duffy) Peer Counselor Intervention and Breastfeeding Outcomes Among WIC Participants

Christopher Patrick Dunbar, Nutritional Sciences (adv.: N. Rodriguez) Plasma Free Fatty Acid Responses Subsequent to Nutritional Supplementation During an Endurance Run

Karen Erickson, Nursing (adv.: McDonald) A Description of Women's Pain Management Communication and Actions to Decrease Their Postoperative Pain

Tim Fenn, Molecular & Cell Biology (advs.: Dam, Visscher) The Role of the calanoid copepod Temora longicornis in the Biogeochemical Cycle of DMSP

Monica Claudia Gil, Psychology (adv.: Henning) Can Electrodermal Activity Assess Interpersonal Familiarity in Work Teams?

Michelle Harris, Biophysics and German (advs.: Knecht, Koberstein) Traction Forces Produced by Dictyostelium discoideum on Silicone Substrates

Wendy Kneiss, Cytogenetics (advs.: Zackowski, Keagle) Cytogenetic Evaluation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carol Kopet, Pharmacy (adv.: Pikal) The Study of Relaxation Enthalpy in Glassy Pharmaceuticals with Isothermal Calorimetry

Brad Langhorst, Molecular & Cell Biology (adv.: Braswell) Nonamer DNA Association

Charlotte Lanteri, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (adv.: Caira) Description of Two New Elasmobranch Tapeworms of the Genus Acanthobothrium and their Implications for Providing Evidence for the Number of Guitarfish Species in the Sea of Cortéz

Michal Levi, Psychology, and Noel Wilford, General Studies (adv.: Levy) Phonemic Analysis for Readers at Risk

Glen Alan MacLachlan, Physics (adv.: Jones) Motion of a Spin 1 /2 Particle in an Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field

Arti Mathur, Biology (advs.: Yarish, Wilkes) Developmental Control of Local Strains of Porphyra

Carrie Munill, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (adv.: Whitlach) Predator-Prey Interactions Between the Recently Introduced Japanese Shore Crab (Hemigrapsus Sanguineus) and Three Species of Littorine Gastropods

Samuel Olmstead, Chemical Engineering (adv.: Helble) Computer Aided Multiple Component Aerosol Modeling

Alexander Pukinskis, Mathematics and Philosophy (adv.: Visonhaler) Problems with Math Pedagogy

Soumya Routray, Molecular & Cell Biology (adv.: Silbart) DNA Vaccination of Rabbits' Peyer's Patches Yields Secretory and Humoral Antibodies

Chris Schmidt and Abigail Sykas, Political Science (adv.: Boyer) Negotiation: A Test of Skill or Will? A Comparative Analysis of Negotiation Effectiveness

John Shanley, Molecular & Cell Biology (adv.: Lynes) The Effects of Phophatase Inhibitors on Apoptosis in Peripheral Lymphocytes of C3H/HeJ- FasLgld/FasLgld Mice

Richard Spellman, Diagnostic Genetic Sciences (adv:. Park) Sub-Cloning of Chromosome Region 9p 12 Reveals Pericentric Regions of Homolgy; Implications for Chromosome 9 Polymorphisms

Chalida Svastisalee, Allied Health/Dietetics (advs.: Duffy, Ibarolla) The Use of Self-Efficacy to Evaluate Perceived Breast-feeding Success Among Hispanic Women Who Participate in a Peer Counselor Program

Sara Tavernier, Pharmacy (adv.: Rhodes) Divalent Cations Mediate an Interaction Between Oligonucleotides and Phospholipid Membranes

Mike Traynor, Ecology and the Landscape Perspective (adv.: McDonnell) Atmospheric Deposition Along an Urban-Rural Land Use Gradient

Shawn Zahner, Biology (adv.: Caira) Description of Four New Species of Tapeworms in the Genus Acanthobothrium from Horn Sharks in the Sea of Cortéz, México