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Journal editors drawn from broad range
of academic disciplines
March 9, 1998

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The following is a list of known journal editors at the University. The list was compiled based on responses to postings that ran in the Advance last fall, asking for journal editors to notify us. We also called nearly every academic department on campus, in hopes of identifying additional faculty who are currently editors of scholarly journals. While the list below comprises nearly 100 faculty members and approximately 150 journals, it is probable that several faculty were missed during the research for this article. We encourage any faculty who were left off the list below to contact the Advance and inform us of your editorial participation with scholarly journal.

African American Studies Institute
Ronald Taylor, editor, Race and Society
Michelle Williams, contributing column editor, Multiracial Issues, Cross-Cultural Behavior Therapy
Agricultural & Resource Economics
Ronald W. Cotterill, editorial board, Journal of Supply Chain Management
Linda K. Lee, editor, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review; editorial council, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
Rigoberto A. Lopez, associate editor, American Journal of Agricultural Economics; Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics
Emilio Pagoulatos, editorial board, International Trade Journal
Allied Health
Jasminka Ernst, editorial board, Journal of Optimal Nutrition
Dr. Pouran Faghri, associate editor, Clinical Kinesiology; American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; editorial board, Clinical Rehabilitation Journal
Animal Science
Mike Darre, associate editor, Journal of Applied Poultry Research
Larry Silbart, editorial board, Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology
Steven Suib, U.S. regional editor, Microporous Materials
Chemical Engineering
Montgomery Shaw, associate editor, IEEE Transaction on Dielectrics and Electric Insulation
Robert Weiss, editor-in-chief, Polymer Engineering and Science; Polymer Composites
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Nelly Abboud, associate editor, Fluid/Particle Separation Journal
Domenico Grasso, editor-in-chief, Environmental Engineering Science
George Hoag, editorial board, Soil Contamination Journal
Ramesh Malla, associate editor, Spacecraft and Rockets
Nikolaos Nikolaidis, associate editor, Groundwater
Fred Ogden, associate editor, American Society of Civil Engineering Journal
Computer Science & Engineering
Reda Ammar, associate editor, International Journal of Computers and Their Applications; The Simulation Journal
Keith Barker, editor, Computer Science Education
T.C. Ting, editorial board member, International Journal on Computer Standards and Interfaces; International Journal on Data and Knowledge Systems
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Gregory J. Anderson, associate editor, American Journal of Botany
Janine N. Caira, editorial board, Canadian Journal of Zoology; Systematic Parasitology
Robin Chazdon, associate editor, American Journal of Botany; Tree Physiology
Robert Colwell, editor, Evolutionary Ecology
Kent E. Holsinger, associate editor, American Naturalist; Evolution; editorial board, Conservation Biology
Don Les, editorial board, Aquatic Botany
Mark McDonnell, associate editor, Urban Ecosystems
Carl Schaefer, editor, The Annals of the Entomological Society of America; editorial board, Anais da Sociadade Entomologia do Brasil; European Journal of Entomology; Annales des Naturhistorischen Museums; Journal of Experimental Zoology
Carl Schlichting, associate editor, Journal of Evolutionary Biology
Chris Simon, associate editor, TREE; editorial board, Trends in Ecology and Evolution
David L. Wagner, associate editor, Journal of the New York Entomological Society; Psyche
Kentwood D. Wells, associate editor, Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology; editorial board and book review editor, Copeia; board of advisory editors, Behavioral Ecology & Sociobiology
William Alpert, editorial board , Journal of Managerial Issues; Research on Employment Policy
Fred V. Carstensen, associate editor, American Economist
Dennis Heffley, co-editor, The Connecticut Economy: A University of Connecticut Quarterly Review
Samson Kimenyi, editor, The Independent Review
Richard N. Langlois, contributing editor, The Independent Review; associate editor, Review of Austrian Economics; editorial board, Journal of Evolutionary Economics; Economics of Science, Technology and Innovation; advisory board, Advances in Austrian Economics
William A. McEachern, co-editor, The Connecticut Economy: A University of Connecticut Quarterly Review; The Teaching Economist
Thomas J. Miceli, editorial board, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics
Stephen M. Miller, editorial board, Eastern Economic Journal
Kathleen Segerson, co-editor, American Journal of Agricultural Economics; editorial board, Contemporary Economic Policy
Electrical & S ystems Engineering
Rajeev Bansal, editor, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications; associate editor, Radio Science; IEEE Antennas and Propagation
Steven Boggs, contributing editor, IEEE Electrical Insulation
Bahram Javidi, guest editor, Journal of Optical Engineering
Peter Luh, editor, IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation; IEEE Robotics and Automation; associate editor, International Journal of Intelligent Control Systems; IIE Transactions on Design and Manufacturing
Krishna Pattipati, editor, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
Lang Tong, associate editor, Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers
Regina Barreca, co-editor, Literature Interpretation Theory (LIT)
Lee Jacobus, co-editor, Literature Interpretation Theory (LIT)
Fakhreddin Azimi, foreign language book review editor, Fasl-e Katab
Susan Porter Benson, editorial advisory board, Gender and History
Richard D. Brown, chair, board of editors, William and Mary Quarterly
Christopher Collier, publisher, Public Records of the State of Connecticut
Ronald D. Coons, co-editor, Forschungen zur Wirtschafts-, Finanz-, und Sozialgeschichte
Lawrence B. Goodheart, editorial board, Journal of American Studies of Turkey; editorial board, Connecticut History
Shirley A. Roe, co-editor, Journal of the History of Biology; editorial board, Perspectives on Biology
Bruce Stave, editor-in-chief, Oral History Review
Marine Sciences
Thomas Torgersen, editor, Reviews of Geophysics; associate editor, Geochemical Journal
Peter Visscher, editorial board, Journal of Sea Research; Applied and Environmental Biology
Mechanical Engineering
Amir Faghri, editorial board, Heat Transfer Engineering; International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer; International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer; Journal of Applied Thermal Engineering; Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer
Kazem Kazerounian, review advisory board, Applied Mechanics; editorial board, Journal of Mechanical Design
Nejat Olgac, editorial board, ASMEJournal of Dynamic Systems Measurement and Control
Ranga Pitchumani, editorial board member, Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials
Modern & Classical Languages
Elaine DalMolin, co-editor, Sites
Roger Celestin, co-editor, Sites
Molecular and Cell Biology
Larry Hightower, editor-in-chief, Cell Stress and Chaperones
Hans Laufer, managing editor, Invertebrate Reproduction and Development
Philip Marcus, co-editor-in-chief, Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research
Philip L. Yeagle, executive editor, Biochemica et Biophysica Acta Biomembranes
Natural Resources Management & Engineering
Daniel Civco, associate editor, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing
Nutritional Sciences
Hedley Freake, contributing editor, Nutrition Reviews
Mary McGrane, advisory board, Biochemical Journal
Sandra Buschmich, associate editor, Journal of the Spirochetal and Tick-borne Diseases
Louis van der Heide, editor, AvianDiseases
Physical Therapy
Scott Hasson, co-editor, Physiotherapy Theory and Practice; associate editor, Journal of Orthopaedic and Sportsd Physical Therapy
Richard Bohannon, associate editor, Perceptual and Motor Skills; assistant editor, Clinical Rehabilitation; Journal of Physical Therapy Science; editorial board, CRC Critical Reviews in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Isokinetics and Exercise Science; Journal of Neurologic Rehabilitation; Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease; Physical Therapy in Perspective
Plant Science
Carol Auer, editorial board, Plant Growth Regulation
Janet Barnes-Farrell, editorial board, Journal of Applied Psychology
Evelyn L. Becker-Lausen, editorial board, Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, and Trauma
Victor Deneberg, associate editor, Psychology, Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Jeffrey Fisher, editorial board, Journal of Applied Social Psychology
Carol Fowler, associate editor, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance; consulting editor, Cognitive Process; Ecological Psychology; Journal of Memory and Language; Language and Speech; Language; Rivista di Linguistica; Psychological Review
James Green, editorial board, Child Development
David Kenny, consulting editor, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; Personal and Social Psychology Review; Personal Relationships; Psychological Bulletin
Irving Kirsch, North American editor, Contemporary Hypnosis; associate editor, Hypnosis International Monographs; International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis; advisory editor, American Journal of Hypnosis
Stephen Maxson, associate editor, Behavioral and Brain Sciences; editorial board, Behavior Genetics
David B. Miller, editor, Bird Behavior
Jay Rueckl, editorial board, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition
Benjamin Sachs, editorial board, Hormones and Behavior; Physiology and Behavior
John Salamone, editorial board, Behavioral Brain Research
J. Conrad Schwartz, consulting editor, Personal Relationships
Jerome Sehulster, editorial board, Cognitive Technology
Donald Schankweiler, editorial board, Cortex; Applied Psycholinguistics
Robert Shaw, associate editor, Journal of Ecological Psychology; Journal of Intelligent Systems; board of advisors, Behavior and Brain Science, Journal of Ecological Psychology; Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance
Evelyn Thoman, editorial board, Infant Behavior and Development
Michael Turvey, editorial board, Ecological Psychology; European Journal of Cognitive Psychology; Human Movement Science; Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance; Journal of Motor Behavior; Psychological Research