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Faculty, staff, students welcomed to Stamford
Fleet Bank announces scholarship fund

University officials welcomed faculty, staff and students at UConn-Stamford to their new campus Tuesday during an opening ceremony that was also the occasion for the announcement of a new scholarship fund endowed by Fleet National Bank.

"This is a great day for the University," said President Philip E. Austin. "The downtown Stamford campus symbolizes our continuing commitment to serving all regions of Connecticut and gives us an excellent opportunity to expand our collaborative efforts with the state's business community and with this city's leadershpi.

"We offer a range of programs in Stamford, each of which stands on its own merits as an example of the University's quality. In combination, they demonstrate how a land grant university can implement its community service mission in a 21st century context," said Austni.

Curtiss Porter, director of the Stamford campus, welcomed the more than 300 faculty, staff and students attending the event, saying that "everything necessary to meet your educational goals is ready." More than 1,400 students are enrolled in the day and evening undergraduate, graduate and continuing education classes at the new campus.

Richard Higginbotham, president and CEO of Fleet National Bank, announced a student scholarship, the Fleet Endowed Scholarship Fund, which will provide scholarships to area students who wish to pursue degrees in business administration. The total amount of the scholarship fund is $250,000, including matching funds from the UConn 2000 state match.

"Fleet National Bank is pleased to take this opportunity to announce its Fleet Endowed Scholarship Fund for area students," said Higginbotham. "Today is a day of new beginnings. It is our desire that these funds be used to provide a new beginning for several students who may not have an opportunity to pursue a college degree without these scholarships."

The Stamford campus offers seven undergraduate degree programs through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a master's and executive master's degree in Business Administration(MBA and EMBA), and a variety of other programs through the Division of Extended and Continuing Education.

"This new Stamford campus demonstrates the University's approach to higher education in the state of Connecticut: student-centered, forward thinking, and responsive," said Chancellor Mark Emmert. "It shows the University's commitment to this community and our ability to respond to its needs. In addition to the new campus, we are bringing forward a set of academic programs which strengthen the liberal arts base, integrate professional degrees in business and education, and establish new programs, particularly those within the Connecticut Information Technology Institute (CITI). In Stamford, the University of Connecticut is growing a modern urban institution of higher cation closely involved with the community."

Concluding the formal remarks, faculty, staff and students presented a collage representing the different educational offerings at the campus. When completed, it spelled out UConn Stamford.

The day's events were intended as a welcome for Stamford campus faculty, staff and students. Official opening ceremonies are scheduled for the middle of April.

Pamela Julias

Pamela Julias is public affairs and marketing consultant for the downtown Stamford campus.