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Briefs.......November 24, 1997

Thanksgiving Week class schedule

Tuesday, November 25, is the last day of classes before Thanksgiving recess begins. Tuesday's classes will be held on a Friday schedule. Classes will resume the following week on Monday, December 1.

All invited to presentations by student affairs candidates
Four candidates for the position of vice chancellor for student affairs will be on campus during December. Each will give an open presentation in Student Union Room 378. All members of the University community are invited to attend on the following dates:

Tuesday, December 2, 3:30-4:30 p.m. Thursday, December 4, 3-4 p.m
Tuesday, December 9, 3-4 p.m Thursday, December 11, 3-4 p.m.

Human Resources issues winter storm procedures
Winter is here and the Department of Human Resources has issued a reminder that employees considered essential must report to work in bad weather as scheduled or directed. Any questions about who is designated as essential should be discussed with managers. Employees not designated as essential who feel they will be affected by adverse conditions have an option to use accrued time balances. This should be handled in the same way as other requests for discretionary time off.

In the event of bad weather, information about whether there is a delay, closure or early release will be available through the University's emergency information number (860) 486-3768. Those who have voice mail will receive a phone message on their telephone extension. Employees on the ADMIN-L e-mail list will receive an e-mail on their account. The information on voice mail and e-mail will be the same as the emergency information line, so using these sources of information will reduce the possibility of encountering a busy signal on the emergency information line.

Closing information for the Storrs campus will be announced on the following radio stations:

WTIC Hartford FM 96.5, AM 1080 WHUS Storrs FM 91.7
WILI Willimantic FM 98.3, AM 1400 WINY Putnam AM 1350
WDRC Hartford FM 103, AM 1360 TV station WVIT Channel 30
Also find emergency/weather closing information here.

If there is a delayed opening or an early release, a decision regarding the granting of compensatory time for those who report to work on time or stay at work will be made specific to the situation; compensatory time in these circumstances is not automatically granted.

On the lighter side - names pose challenge for soccer coach
What's in a name? Probably not much, but how about two names with five faces? This is the situation that women's soccer coach Len Tsantiris faced at the beginning of this season. He had three women on the team with the last name of Barnes - Sarah, Farrah, and Tammy (none of whom is related to the others) - and a pair of identical twins, Jennifer and Margaret Tietjen. To the casual observer this seems like it could cause something of an identity crisis on the field, especially during practices when numbered uniforms are eschewed. Was there any confusion for the coach?

"A little at first with the Tietjen twins," said Tsantiris. "But I learned to tell them apart pretty quickly. They're slightly different in their facial features and you learn to pick one out from the other. And they play different positions, which helps." On the other hand, Tsantiris had to be careful about yelling "Hey, Barnes!" during a practice, lest three heads immediately turn his way. Even resorting to first names was problematic, since Sarah and Farrah sound pretty similar.

The result was nicknames. "Sarah we call 'Barnes' or 'Barnsey,'" Tsantiris says. "Farrah, they call her 'Phebes' because I guess she looks like Phoebe on that T.V. show 'Friends.' And Tammy, well we just call her 'Tammy.'"

Clear enough?