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New e-mail announcement, events lists started

Two email lists for sharing information about University announcements and events were launched last week.

ANNOUNCE-L and EVENTS-L, both moderated lists, are voluntary e-mail lists to which anyone within the domain can subscribe. The postings are also accessible beyond the UConn network via the World Wide Web.

In an inaugural message about ANNOUNCE-L, Mark Emmert, chancellor, noted that as UConn continues through a time of transition and progress "we need to communicate more effectively - as a community and with one another. As we deal with change and uncertainty it is essential that we initiate more and better means of communicating.

"It is in this context, and consistent with recent discussions, that I am glad to say that ANNOUNCE-L is joining the array of mechanisms of communication which we all currently employ , both on the web and off," Emmert said.

The two new lists have similar but separate functions:

  • ANNOUNCE-L will be dedicated to communicating announcements of University policies, procedures, and personnel matters, as well as certain special events and activities for the University community, and emergency notifications.

  • EVENTS-L will be dedicated to regularly scheduled community events, including those in the realm of the intellectual, cultural, or recreational.

The way to post items is different for each list:

  • ANNOUNCE-L will be a moderated list, with only a small number of people able to post items. The items will be reviewed by the list owners before being posted to all subscribers.

  • EVENTS-L will not be moderated. To post items, however, each University unit must designate a representative who will be able to send event announcements to the full list. Deans, directors and department heads can "register" a representative either by sending a memo on departmental letterhead to Rick Ellis, University Computer Center, U-138, or by using an online form available at the website cited above.

The owners of the ANNOUNCE-L list are Mark J. Roy of University Communications; Arthur Brodeur, special assistant to the Chancellor; and Murphy Sewall, professor of marketing in the School of Business Administration. Rick Ellis of the Computer Center is the temporary owner of the EVENTS-L list.

Users must subscribe to the lists separately.

For both, there are two ways to subscribe. You can use a form on the web, or send e-mail to:

Leave the subject field blank. In the body of the message, fill in the following information: subscribe listname your_name, entering either ANNOUNCE-L or EVENTS-L for "listname" and your own first and last name for "your_name". (Note: the underline denotes a blank space.)

Mark J. Roy