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Charitable campaign draws to a close
Contributions still accepted, Barrett says

The first leg of the Connecticut State Employees Charitable Campaign, UConn Cares, came to a festive close Thursday with an event that featured pies and prizes - and pleas for people to continue sending in their cards and donations.

"I don't want people to get the impression that, just because we've had the 'closing event' the campaign is actually closed," said William Barrett, executive director of administrative and logistical services and chair of UConn's piece of the national campaign. "Don't just think you've missed it and throw the card away. We'll take contributions right through November," he said.

UConn employees who have mislaid their campaign material may receive a new form, or charitable agency booklet, by calling (860) 486-1001. Departmental volunteers also may call the office to obtain several forms, if they are aware that more than one person in their area misplaced the forms.

So far, Barrett says, only 376 of the nearly 5,000 employees at the University have contributed to the campaign, which helps fund hundreds of state, national and international charities, including agencies that help the poor, the sick, the needy and the young. The campaign's motto, Make a Difference, is a driving force for those who have volunteered or contributed for years, he says.

"Everything, anything, makes a difference in these people's lives," Barrett says. "It doesn't have to be a huge contribution. It doesn't have to be payroll deduction, although that's probably the easiest way. If people can contribute a few dollars each paycheck, great. If people can write a check for $10, that's great too. Even $1 adds to the total, adds to the amount of help we can provide to those who need it."

Through Thursday, the campaign raised $64,292, still far short of the UConn goal of $100,000.

Richard Veilleux