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Shuttle service adds two new express routes

Slightly more than one month into the academic year, UConn workers are becoming more accustomed to the new parking arrangements, pushing ridership on the campus shuttle service to a record high in September.

More than 82,000 passengers were carried to campus buildings from outlying parking areas during the month, says Greg Jordan, manager of shuttle operations, an increase of at least 20,000 compared to previous September figures. Those numbers are expected to increase still more, Jordan says, once people become familiar with two express shuttle routes that were added October 6.

  • The morning express route serves the north side of campus and offers pick-ups at each stop every five minutes between 6:50 and 9 a.m. It runs from staff lot 9 and X-lot, down North Eagleville Road to the Charles E. Waring Chemistry Building, where it turns onto Glenbrook Road. After a stop near the Edward V. Gant Science Complex, the bus returns to King Hill Road and the two parking lots.

  • The afternoon route, operating from 3 to 6 p.m. starts at the Budds Building, proceeds to staff lot 1 near Bishop Center, with stops on Fairfield and Hillside Roads, then proceeds down Gilbert Road before turning onto Mansfield Road and heading back to staff lot 1.

Ten days into the new express service, Jordan says ridership is not as high as expected. But, he says, the express service will continue, and officials expect ridership to pick up as more people learn about the service, and as the weather picks up a winter chill.

Jordan adds that more shuttle bus route brochures, which include the new express service, have been ordered and are expected to be sent to all employees within two weeks.