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July 1 lottery deadline approaches
Parking Update - June 20, 1997

If you are interested in applying for the parking lottery, time is running short.

The lottery does not affect everyone, just those who want to park in the academic core area. This area consists of all spaces within the perimeter encompassed by Gilbert Road, Hillside Road, Route 195 and Glenbrook Road. Specifically, this means all lots on those roads, plus spaces on: Oak Lane, Whitney Road and Whitney Road Extension, the Graduate School/Dodd Center lot, Mansfield Road, Fairfield Road, Babbidge Road, Koons Hall, Storrs Hall, Hall Dorm, Benton Museum, and any other legal spaces within the perimeter.

The lottery is open to employees currently eligible for faculty parking privileges. Retirees are not eligible for the lottery but may apply for a decal to park in non-restricted employee parking areas and in the metered area next to the psychology building.

Existing carpools do not need to enter the lottery but should send a lottery form marked with their current carpool number.

For those with a current state handicapped permit or license plate, parking in the core campus will be free.

The deadline to enter the lottery for a space in this perimeter only is July 1. Forms are available from the Parking Services Office at U-199.

Lottery winners will be notified by July 15. They will then have until August 15 to remit $150 for fall semester parking. A payroll deduction plan will be available later this summer for anyone interested in that option.

The major no-cost parking areas for employees are Lot 1 near Fine Arts, Lot 1 Bishop Center, Lot 4 College of Agriculture, Lot 8 McMahon Hill, and Lot 9A Northwest Campus. Employees may also park in any student parking lot during the summer break.

Bids for the parking garage opened on June 16. Construction of the garage may begin as early as July on Lot 9 next to the ROTC building.

Lot Closings
The following lot closings have been posted by the Parking Services Office:

  • The IMS lot is closed (except for deliveries), while a utilities tunnel is constructed along Auditorium Road. The lot will be closed through the end of June, or until the project is completed.

  • The lots at the old Facilities building adjacent to the heating plant are being gradually phased out.

  • The Maple Lane/Facilities lot will be closed permanently starting June 23;

  • Other parking areas that will be lost due to construction are: Lot 9, Lot 7, and Lot 4A (Dairy Barn area).

For daily updates on parking developments and closings, see the Parking and Transportation home page. If you have questions about parking, call Parking Services at 6-4930.