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UConn Advance

May 2, 1997

Department Researcher Project Amount & Source
Animal science Lawrence Silbart Induction of Muscosal Immunity to HIV Immunogens $5,000, OPM; $5,000, Treasurer's Office; $5,000,$90,484, Duke University
Ecology & evolutionary biology John Silander Jr. Conserving the Biodiversity of Forest and Woodland Ecosystems in Madagascar $40,000, MacArthur Foundation
Marine sciences Richard Cooper Center for Coastal Marine Science and Technology $270,000, DED-CII
Marine sciences Collin Roesler Conservative and Non-Conservative Variability in the Inherent Optical Properties of Dissolved and Particulate Components in Seawater $50,000, DOD-NAVY
Marine sciences Peter Auster Evaluation of Pilot Projects Identifying Regionally Significant Habitats Within the Gulf of Maine $20,000, Gulf of Maine Foundation
Natural resources John Clausen Groundwater Contamination from Agricultural Waste Storage Facilities $3,145, USDA-NRCS
Nutritional sciences Maria-Luz Fernandez Hamsters and Guinea Pig Studies of the Responses to Dietary Cholesterol Utilizing Animals with Different Levels of HDL & FED Diets with Soluable Fiber $29,601, American Egg Board
Pharmaceutical science Dennis Chapron ASCP Foundation Disease-Pharmacotherapy Traineeship $8,000, Am. Soc. Con. Phar.
Pharmaceutical science Steven Cohen Protein Covalent Binding, Translocation and Toxicity $24,420, PHS-NIH-GM
Pharmaceutical science Paul Kramer Pulmonary Disposition on FITC-Insulin Following Intratracheal Administration to Rats $14,985, Inhale Ther. System
Pharmaceutical science Alexandros Makriyannis Program in Drug Design $495,000, DED-CII
Pharmaceutical science Alexandros Makriyannis Molecular Basis of Cannabinoid Activity $218,252, PHS-SAMHSA-DA
Plant science Donna Ellis Matching funds $1,500, mixed sources
Plant science Donna Ellis Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum Salicaria) in Connecticut Wetlands $5,000, Cons. & Res. Foundation
Total life sciences this listing: $1,270,387

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