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What's on your mind? Say it on the list-serv
New e-mail discussions open to community
May 2, 1997

A new, moderated e-mail discussion list has been established for administrators, faculty, staff and students to discuss University issues.

Mark J. Roy
The purpose of the list is to discuss issues and questions about University goals, policy, programs and needs, according to Ted Mills, director of the Faculty Resource Lab (FacLab) and one of the moderators of UFORUM-L.

"For several years, the FacLab has operated an announcement list (Faclab-L) and a discussion list (UCFAC-L), both of them concerned with the use of computer technology in teaching at UConn," Mills said.

"Gradually, the discussion list became the scene of broad-ranging exchanges, as topics of technology availability led to questions about UConn 2000, University technology policy, attraction and retention of students and so on," he said. "As we realized how UCFAC-L was demonstrating the need for a University issues discussion list, it also became obvious that administrative leaders were not in on that discussion, since UCFAC-L was, in their eyes, just one of many specialized lists."

Administrators soon agreed to subscribe to and participate in discussions.

While not a general announcement list for campus organizations, UFORUM-L is a way for the administration to reach a potentially large portion of the University community, Mills said.

In an early posting, Mark Emmert, chancellor and provost for University affairs, encouraged use of the list as a way to increase campus communications.

"I hope this experimental forum for interactive communications will be a success." Emmert wrote. "I look forward to our sharing views on major issues facing the University."

Since the list began in early April, it has grown to 199 subscribers.

To subscribe, you need e-mail access either through the University Computer Center's mainframe or some other address. If you want to subscribe, send e-mail to: - leave the "subject" line blank and in the message area type:

SUB UFORUM-L firstname lastname, entering your own name as described. A welcome letter will tell you how to post messages to the list and how to unsubscribe.

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