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UConn 2000 projects moving toward construction
By Thomas Becher
April 25, 1997

With 85 capital projects underway on the University's campuses - and many more to come - it will require a scorecard to keep track of UConn 2000 and other construction and renovation projects.

With the pace quickening, the University community can expect more activity in the months ahead as the total costs of ongoing projects reach more than $500 million.

"It's come to a point where you can't keep it all in your head - and it's going to get worse," said Dale Dreyfuss, senior associate vice president for finance and administration.

So far UConn 2000 projects have been on time and within budget - or even early, as in the case of seating expansion at Gampel Pavilion. The exception is the new downtown Stamford campus, where asbestos and lead-paint problems have delayed the opening.

The most visible UConn 2000 project so far is the new chemistry building, which is rising next to Swan Lake. And and 10 a.m. May 7, University officials will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the new South Campus residences and dining hall.

Here is an update for major UConn 2000 projects:

  • Stamford campus. Relocating Stamford campus to downtown in the former Bloomingdale's building to establish a full, four-year undergraduate campus focusing on business, communication sciences, mathematics and biology, and expansion of current programs in psychology, economics, English and general studies, along with expanded graduate programs in computer science and economics. Cost: $62.3 million. Status: 25 percent complete; negotiating new completion date.
  • Chemistry building. New 199,000-square-foot building to replace Waring Chemistry Building. The new facility will provide space for undergraduate classrooms, research labs, administration, building support and a resource and learning center. Cost: $56.7 million. Status: 5 percent complete; expected completion in July 1998.
  • Field House. Renovating 128,685 square feet in existing building. Projects include more room for weight training, mat floor activity, racquetball, volleyball, swimming, track and other activities. Locker and shower facilities will be upgraded, as well as office, storage and support space. Cost: $11.5 million. Status: 70 percent complete; expected completion this summer.
  • Mansfield Apartments. Installation of smoke detectors, conversion of two units for handicapped access, replacement of oil-fired furnaces and hot water heaters with gas units, installation of pitched roof canopies, and kitchen improvements. Cost: $2.7 million. Status: 30 percent complete; to be completed by fall.
  • South Campus. Replaces seven-building South Campus complex with state-of-the-art residence halls and dining facility. Cost: $41 million. Status: Groundbreaking May 7; bids opened April 23. Completion by fall 1998.
  • Avery Point Marine Science & Technology Center. Building 215,000 square feet of new classroom and research space, a new library and Project Oceanography complex. Also renovating Avery Point campus. Cost: $47.6 million. Status: bids due this month.
  • Agriculture Biotechnol- ogy. Building new 80,500-square-foot laboratory and greenhouse in conjunction with $10 million federal grant. Building will house labs, seminar and conference rooms, reference library, and space for Transgenic Animal Facility, current Plant Biotechnology Laboratory and proposed Transgenic Plant Facility. Cost: $19.3 million. Status: Design developments under review.
  • Music and Drama Buildings. Renovating and adding to fine arts complex, including new band orchestra building, music library and studio/classroom building. Cost: $15.1 million. Status: Awaiting Bond Commission Approval.
  • Branford House. Renovating and repairing interior of Branford House at Avery Point, on the National Register of Historic Places, to be used for conference space and administrative offices. Cost: $1.8 million. Status: Bond Commission approval expected today.
  • Biology/physics building. As part of the new Tech Quad, building a 111,000-square-foot biology building adjacent to the Gant Center for Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, electron microscopy, biotechnology labs, office and support space, along with a 22,000-square-foot physics addition for accelerator and laser technology research. Cost: $42.4 million. Status: Pre-qualifying contractors.
  • New central warehouse. Building new 64,000-square-foot warehouse and space for purchasing and accounts payable departments. Cost: $3.9 million. Status: Request for proposals.
  • Parking garage. Building 1,000-car garage in the Tech Quad area. Cost: $9.6 million. Status: Request for proposals.
  • Benton museum addition. Building a 22,000-square-foot addition for the William Benton Museum of Art. Cost: $6.6 million. Status: Project being re-evaluated.
  • School of Business. Constructing new 88,000-square-foot School of Business Administration. Cost: $19.4 million. Status: Pre-design studies.
  • Ice rink enclosure. Enclosing the 35,465-square-foot rink and adding 15,000 square feet for locker rooms, rest rooms, warming area, offices and seating for 2,000 people. Cost: $2.8 million. Status: Changing design; pre-qualifying contractors.
  • Waring Building. Converting and renovating the Waring Chemistry Building for general classroom use. Cost: $7.5 million. Status: Planning study underway.
  • Precision Manufacturing Enterprise Building. Constructing 20,000-square-foot addition to accommodate industrial-type, high-bay manufacturing space, lab and incubator space. Cost: $2.6 million. Status: Schematics to begin May 1.
  • Wilbur Cross Building. Converting the archives and library area into a new Center for Undergraduate Education. Cost: $3.4 million. Status: Under review.
  • Northwest Quad. A variety of improvements and code compliance. Cost: $17 million. Status: Proposals in; negotiating contract.

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