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Budget cuts reduced
April 18, 1997

Three-quarters of proposed state budget cuts for the University have been restored by a legislative committee, but the revised figures still represent a significant reduction in support.

Both Democratic and Republican members of the General Assembly's Appropriations Committee on April 10 called for substantial restoration of funds for UConn, the Connecticut State University System, and community-technical colleges.

The committee voted to restore $10.1 million for the University. The Office of Policy and Management, the governor's budget office, had recommended a $13.5 million cut for UConn.

That still leaves a $3.4 million shortfall.

"While grateful for strong bipartisan support, it doesn't put us back at the same level as this year," said Scott Brohinsky, director of governmental and University relations. "If unchanged, this appropriation would add to the University's deficit and raise questions about our ability to move ahead with programs that Connecticut's students and businesses rely on.

University officials said the vote was a step in the right direction.

"The budgetary situation is in flux and will change," President Philip E. Austin told trustees last Friday. However, he said, "There's more reason for optimism now than a few weeks ago."

"It was a good first step, but not appropriate, not adequate," added Lewis B. Rome, chair of the Board of Trustees.

Austin and other officials will continue to work hard to convince legislators of the need to appropriately fund the state's only public research university.


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