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UConn Advance

April 4, 1997

Department Researcher Project Amount & Source
Agricultural economics Boris Bravo-Ureta Socioeconomic Impacts of Alternative Peanut Production-Marketing Systems in Senegal $51,879
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Stephen Trumbo Endocrinological Basis of Parental Behavior and Dominance in Burying Beetles $24,421
Physiology and Neurobiology Joseph LoTurco Neurotransmitter Function in Neocortical Neurogenesis $107,786
Marine biology Walter Bohlen Bayou Sediment Study $131,784 Browning-Ferris
Marine biology Richard Cooper Estuarine Environmental Monitoring: a Demonstration Project $270,000 DED-CII-CRITICA
Marine biology William Fitzgerald Contemporary and Historical Eolian Depositional Fluxex of Mercury: Archival Records from Ombrotrophic Bogs and Lake Sediments $291,709
National Undersea Research Center Peter Auster Continued Research Coordination for Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary $19,833
Nutritional Science Maria-Luz Fernandez Hamsters and Guinea Pig Studies of the Responses to Dietary Cholesterol Using Animals with Different Levels of HDL and Fed Diets with Soluable Fiber $29,601
American Egg Board
Pharmaceutical science Jay Mouser Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Determinants of the Diuretic Response of Furosemide Given by Constant-Rate Infusion to Critically Ill Infants $10,000
Total life sciences this listing: $937,013

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