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UConn Advance

March 14, 1997

Charles Yarish, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the Stamford campus and an authority on seaweed, was featured in a Hartford Courant story about nori, a seaweed that can be eaten ... Narasimhan Srinivasan, associate professor of marketing, was quoted in a Boston Globe article about the changing scope of auto retailing ... Katherine Pancak, assistant director of the Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies, commented about real estate proposals in the Record-Journal of Meriden ... Richard N. Dino, executive director of the Institute for Developing Entrepreneurial Advantage, co-wrote an op-ed in The Hartford Courant about Connecticut"s insurance status ... Mary Ellen Brigham, a professor of management, shared her expertise with the Record-Journal of Meriden about a store that sells only lightbulbs ... James DeFronzo, associate professor of sociology, talked about how violence on television can affect children in a Connecticut Post article ... Regina Barreca, associate professor of English, and Irene Quong Conlon, director of UConn's Office of Diversity and Equity, were quoted in a Hartford Courant article about faculty-student sexual relationships ... Richard Long, professor of civil engineering, explained how to get out of quicksand in Men's Fitness magazine.

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