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(February 28, 1997)





Chemical engineering Jeffrey Koberstein $84,000 Surface active additives create smart biomimetic surfaces
Chemistry Ulrich Mueller-Westerhoff $23,480 Synthesis of absorbers for the 1300 NM region
Civil engineering Kenneth Demars $79,523 Evaluation of source-separated com post for Connecticut DOT projects
Civil engineering George Hoag $50,000 ERI-industrial affiliates program
Civil engineering Fred Ogden $25,000 CASC2D Enhancements for long duration simulations with NEXRAD data
Electrical and systems engineering Bahram Javidi $84,000 Optical pattern recognition for validation and security verification
Electrical and systems engineering David Kleinman $130,140 Adaption of organizational structure to task environment
Electrical and systems engineering Lang Tong $30,000 Multiuser blind equalization for wireless communications
Geology Vernon Cormier $174,618 Heterogeneity, anisotropy and anelasticity in the lowermost mantel and inner core
Institute of Material Sciences Steven Boggs $157,000 Evaluation of Silicone coating resistance to corona and improved field configuration for 345 KV Insulators and bushings
Mechanical engineering Amir Faghri $9,000 Senior projects
Mechanical engineering Amir Faghri $7,500 Senior projects
Metallurgy John Webster $203,500 Surabrasive machining program
Physics Juha Javanainen $60,000 Laser cooling and optical proper
Physics William Stwalley $28,597 Proposal for a memorandum of understanding UConn-CEBAF

Three bridge positions

Total for physical sciences: $1,146,358

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