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Council opposes environment report
(February 28, 1997)

The Mansfield Town Council opposes an environmental report determining that a new, 1,000-space parking garage proposed by the University poses no environmental hazards.

The council recently agreed to sign a letter from the Planning and Zoning Commission in opposition to the report, which also found no significant impact for the construction of residence halls and a dining hall on South Campus. The projects are part of UConn 2000.

The Board of Trustees approved the environmental assessment report February 14. The report, conducted by the firm Earth Tech, found the long-range benefits of the projects will outweigh costs.

When completed, the new residence halls will house about 686 students, less than half the number who previously resided in the buildings, which were demolished in 1995. The average residential space per occupant in the new dormitories will be about 175 square feet -- about 40 percent more area per student than the old buildings.

The new dining hall will improve the overall efficiency of food service operations, the report found. Plans call for improved loading areas, modern equipment for refrigeration, increased food storage space and improved areas for food preparation. In addition, the report found, the consolidation of South Campus dining halls and future consolidations may lower or at least stabilize dining costs for students.

The parking garage is needed to replace spaces lost due to future construction.


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