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(February 21, 1997)

Department Researcher Amount Project
Animal sciences Xiangzhong Yang $100,000 China Bridges Fellowship
Animal sciences Steven Zinn $3,488 Biotechnology conference
Biology Cynthia Jones $40,000 Developmental ecology of mayapple
Biology David L.Wagner $10,000 Caterpillars of Eastern forests
Microbiology Debra A. Kendall $182,671 Redesign of structural regions of alkaline phosphatase
Biology Margaret J. Sekellick $160,496 Recombinant chicken interferons as antiviral agents
Biology Joseph J. Lo Turco $488,955 Neurotransmitter function in neocortical neurogenesis
Marine sciences Edward C. Monahan $36,000 Connecticut Sea Grant College program: Knauss Marine policy fellowship
Pathobiology Mazhar I. Khan $5,000 USA/Egypt graduate program
Pathobiology Herbert J. Van Kruiningen $7,500 Northeastern research center for wildlife diseases
Pharmacy Devendra S. Kalonia $25,000 Mechanistic investigation of protein stability
Pharmacy Daniel W. Rosenberg $3,127 Influence on crypt lineage on colon cancer in mouse chimeras
Plant sciences C. P. Schulthess $9,425 Acquisition of an electrophoresis instrument for improved surface modeling
Total for life sciences in this listing: $1,071,662

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