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Benton to report to dean of arts
(February 21, 1997)

In an effort to create a closer relationship between the academic programs in the School of Fine Arts and the outreach activities of the William Benton Museum of Art, the museum will now report to the dean of the fine arts, Robert Gray. The museum formerly reported to the Chancellor's Office.

Mark Emmert, chancellor and provost for University affairs, said he changed the reporting relationship because it is "consistent with the need to focus programming and structure in the arts at the University."

Thomas P. Bruhn will continue as interim director of the museum and will work with Gray in developing a long-range plan for the museum, Emmert said.

Gray also will have responsibility for the coordination of all of the University's visual display venues: Benton, Atrium Gallery, Jorgensen Gallery, the Alexey von Schlippe Museum at Avery Point and the gallery at the new downtown Stamford campus.

"Through the bringing together of the resources and talents of its arts community, the University can enhance its position as a leader in the visual arts in Connecticut," Emmert said.

Gray said the museum staff is enthusiastic about the reorganization and is working on a strategic plan. There will be an emphasis on coordinating exhibits with academic programs, the various cultural centers on campus and student interest, Gray said.

Bruhn said he is "very positive about the new organizational structure" and believes that it will enhance the University's important role in the arts in the state and nationally.


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